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School of Biological Science and Technology
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School of Biological Science and Technology

The School of Biological Science and Technology was established in 2002. It was formerly known as the Department of Biological Science and Technology. In January 2014 it got its present name. The school comprises three academic departments: The Food Department, The Biology Department and The Horticulture and Landscape Department. It offers five undergraduate specialties of Food Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, Biological Sciences (normal category), Horticulture and Landscape, two fields of master education including Biological Curriculum and Teaching Methodology, Biology Science Teaching, and one master of professional degree of Food Engineering. Currently, it has 2 experimental teaching demonstration centers in Fujian Province and 23 specialty laboratories. Totally, the laboratories cover an area of 2500 square meters and its experimental instruments and equipments are worth 20 million RMB. There are 2 internal training bases and 30 internal and external school practice teaching bases.
It has 63 faculty members, including 46 full-time teachers, 17 professors and associate professors, in which 19 teachers have doctoral degrees and 2 teachers are pursuing for Ph.D. There are 1498 full-time undergraduate students, 3 master graduates, and more than 100 students of adult education.
It is actively carrying out undergraduate teaching quality and teaching reform of engineering construction and exploring reform of talent training mode. It has built three demonstration bases with the cooperation of the university and enterprise (government) so as to cultivate the compound talent. The authorization of one external practicing and teaching bases in Fujian province -- Flower Agricultural Science and Technology Cooperation Talent Training Base of Zhangzhou Normal University, was given to this school. There is one national and one provincial project of comprehensive reform of professional pilot of undergraduate universities, one provincial specificity of joint training talents of Fujian and Taiwan colleges and universities, one provincial teaching team, one high quality course of university, one characteristic specialty of university and one school-level teaching team. The school completed 10 projects of teaching research, one of which was awarded the first prize for teaching achievement of the university.
The school focuses mostly on the combination of scientific research, learning, production and practice, and making a great effort at the service of local enterprises and society. Currently, there is one scientific research group of the university and 6 scientific platforms including the first Zhangzhou City set of Technology Innovation Alliance of Zhangzhou and Taiwan of Tea Industry, Technology Innovation Center of Zhangzhou and Taiwan Snack Food, Institute of Biotechnology, Institute of Flowers, Institute of Snack Food and Tea Beverage of Zhangzhou and Taiwan, and Research and Development Testing Center of Food Biotechnology. In the past 5 years, the school undertook more than 40 research projects in which 5 scientific and technological achievements were transferred to practice, and were awarded 3 above provincial science and technology achievements. It published more than 200 papers, more than 60 and 15 of which were SCI papers and EI papers, respectively. It has an authorization of 1 patent of national invention and 3 patents of utility model.